Posted: June 22, 2010

Thailand builds capabilities in nanotechnology research

(Nanowerk News) Thailand's National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC), National Institute of Metrology (NIMT) and Ministry of Science and Technology have announced that they would form the country's first research collaboration to build Thailand's capabilities in providing quality infrastructure in areas related to nano-scale measurement, calibration, and nanometrology.
"It is without doubt that nanotechnology is the current frontier that is giving every sector a buzz. Nanotechnology has become a part of everyday life and as nanotechnogy-based products start to emerge in commercial settings, the area of nanometrology will play an important role in areas such as verification of legal standards, certification, routine process control and quality cross-checks between business partners" said Prof Sirirurg Songsivilai, Executive Director of NANOTEC.
The collaboration with NANOTEC is necessary for national metrology development and a win-win approach since it is an undeniable truth that advancement in nanotechnology cannot progress independently of progress in nanometrology. The measurement techniques developed for conventional materials in many cases cannot be simply applied to nanostructures. "It is necessary to develop reference materials and reference procedures for nanostructures and nanomaterials that are globally accepted" said Dr Pian Totarong, Director of National Institute of Metrology (Thailand).
The joint research collaboration activity will be facilitated by the signing of a Research Collaborative Memorandum of Understanding to be signed in July 2010 at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Bangkok. Leading the research team for NANOTEC, Thailand will be Dr Nuttapun Supaka, Leader of Testing and Services Laboratory. Dr Pian Totarong and Dr Jariya Buajarern will lead the NIMT team.