Posted: June 22, 2010

Conference on Friction and Adhesion in Nanomechanical Systems - FANAS 2010

(Nanowerk News) FANAS is a new series of conferences initiated as annual meetings of the ESF EUROCORES Programme FANAS (, but is open to all scientists working on related topics.
The focus of the conference is on revealing the relationships between adhesion and friction at the nano- and micro-scales as well as on mechanisms of energy dissipation in tribological systems.
It will seek to bridge the gap between the nano-, micro- and macro-scales in friction, lubrication and adhesion, and will elaborate on new approaches towards control and modification of frictional properties.
Issues of nano-manipulation at interfaces, studies of biomimetic tribological systems and tribochemistry will also be addressed.
Following the spirit of past meetings the conference will be organized as a single-session event including poster sessions and allowing for ample time for discussions.
Source: ESF