Posted: June 27, 2010

Coventor and MANCEF to offer four MEMS Design Scholarships at COMS 2010

(Nanowerk News) Coventor and MANCEF are pleased to announce a chance for students to win one of four 1-year licenses of Coventor's CoventorWare Designer/ Analyzer package. Winners to receive 1-year MEMS design software license and chance to publish research.
The scholarships will be awarded at the COMS 2010 award ceremony in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico on Wednesday Sept 1, 2010.
Application Requirements
To qualify for a scholarship, you must be a full-time student at a college, university, or vocational-technical institute and have a desire to research and develop novel micro system technology structures or processes. In addition, the faculty professor mentoring you must be a current MANCEF member.
How do I submit a proposal?
Send your proposal via email to the MANCEF Education Committee care of Robert Giasolli, [email protected].
How do I compete?
MANCEF and Coventor panelists will choose the scholarship winners based on research proposal papers submitted in the following four categories:




Other Novel Designs.

Proposal Format
Proposals must be one to two pages long and include:
Introduction that provides a short summary of intended applications: 1 paragraph
Short statement of qualifications: 1 paragraph



Contact info

Full proposal: 1–2 pages; with an eye on best paper awards
Deadline: All proposals must be received by July 30, 2010.
About Coventor
Coventor, Inc. headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, provides a comprehensive suite of software development tools targeting micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), microfluidics and semiconductor process applications.
CoventorWare is an industry standard platform adopted by most of the leading MEMS and microfluidics manufacturers around the globe, and by an extensive network of university partners.
Coventor is a privately held company with offices in Cambridge, MA and Burlingame, CA. European headquarters is in Paris, France. Coventor also serves Asia Pacific through regional distributors.
Source: MANCEF