Posted: July 1, 2010

Leti will present its latest research findings in maskless lithography, FDSOI and 3D integration during Semicon West

(Nanowerk News) At Semicon West, Leti will highlight some of its latest research findings and key programs for the semiconductor industry, including maskless lithography, FDSOI and 3D integration. The abstracts below summarize Leti's recent work in these areas.
Maskless Lithography
Leti and its partners in the IMAGINE program have achieved the first 32nm resolution using multi-beam equipment from Mapper Lithography.
Led by Leti, the program is focusing on maskless lithography technology and evaluating tools from Mapper. Partners include TSMC, ST, TOK, Sokudo and Dow Electronics.
In 193nm dry lithography, the project also has achieved a 32nm half-pitch resolution by using the spacer technique.
Leti will present its recent achievements regarding the capability of its 20nm planar FDSOI technology to address low-power applications. Record-matching performance, sensitivity to SOI substrate properties, VT tuning and applicability of low-power design techniques will be detailed during the presentations.
Leti is building a complete 300mm R&D line dedicated to 3D-integration applications, including through-silicon vias (TSV).
The integration line includes lithography, metallization, deep etching, dielectric deposition, wet etching and packaging tools that will be available for Leti's customers and partners around the world.
The line will complement Leti's 3D-integration toolbox, which already includes through-silicon vias, alignment, bonding, grinding, thinning, planarization, bumping, micro-inserts and design capabilities and mixed-signal IC applications.
Source: Leti