Posted: July 5, 2010

The power of nanotechnology: Manufacturing Digital focuses on the nanoscale

(Nanowerk News) As a pioneering digital media site that influences key decision-makers in its industry, Manufacturing Digital announces that its July issue is now live. Manufacturing Digital continues to deliver a superior product with quality and functionality at the core of each edition.
Following the launch of the iPad, Manufacturing Digital's July issue offers a window into the nanoscale. With comments from Russell Cowburn, Professor of nanotechnology at Imperial College London, and Piet Christof Woelcken, nanotechnology expert at the Airbus Airframe and Architecture and Integration Department, Manufacturing Digital discovers the real power of nanotechnology; it will be a medium-term enabling platform for the industry.
Inventory Control is up for discussion in Manufacturing Digital's Supply Chain section, while Sustainable Facilities Management comes under the spotlight in its Facilities Management category.
The July issue also sees Manufacturing Digital investigate How to Master HR software and the EEF's Chief Economist Lee Hopley offers her opinion on the tally of positive manufacturing indicators we've seen over the past six months.
"Manufacturing Digital magazine and its website is fast becoming a staple for manufacturing executives everywhere," says Ian Armitage, Editor of the digital media brand. "We strive to bring a level of sophistication to our readers that speaks directly to their tastes, and we are doing a great job so far."
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