Posted: July 6, 2010

UAlbany NanoCollege and CMOST partner to present Summer NanoCamp

(Nanowerk News) The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering ("CNSE") of the University at Albany and the Children's Museum of Science and Technology ("CMOST") partnered to provide 20 middle-school students with a unique firsthand look at the exciting world of nanotechnology when they attended the CNSE-CMOST Summer NanoCamp on July 6 at CNSE's Albany NanoTech Complex.
The CNSE-CMOST Summer NanoCamp was designed to give students between the ages of 11 and 14 an introduction to the emerging science of nanotechnology and a window into how it will shape their future.
Participants received an introductory presentation on nanotechnology; toured CNSE's world-class Albany NanoTech Complex, a $5.5 billion megaplex that is the most advanced in the academic world; and had the opportunity to engage in several hands-on activities, including gowning up in cleanroom "bunny suits," building polymer chains, and experimenting with model fuel-cell cars and solar photovoltaic panels.
According to projections by the National Science Foundation, the U.S. will need over 2 million nanotechnology-savvy workers by 2014, to include scientists, researchers, engineers, technicians and others.
Source: CNSE