Posted: July 19, 2010

International Conference on Science and Technology Education to focus on Islamic world

(Nanowerk News) The International Conference on Science and Technology Education with Focus on the Islamic World is due to be held on November 23 to 25 in Kish Island, Iran.
The conference is organized by the Supreme Council of Education, Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) Regional Office in Tehran, Iranian Curriculum Studies Association (ICSA) and Kish Free Zone Organization.
Among the events of the festival, mention can be made of the educational workshops and the educational workshop on nanotechnology will be among them.
Objectives of the Festival
  • Exposition of the theoretical principles of science and technology education from the Islamic point of view;
  • Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the current viewpoints and policies related to the science and technology education in the Islamic countries;
  • Revision of the prevailing policies and functions in science and technology education;
  • Achieving a better understanding of tackling the existing problems in the science and technology educational systems in the Islamic countries;
  • Providing the necessary requirements for the cooperation and participation of the Islamic countries in the field of science and technology education;
  • Determining and identifying research priorities in the field of science and technology education.
  • Timetable of the Festival
  • Deadline for sending the extended abstract of the article: August 6
  • Announcement of the acceptance of the extended abstracts: August 22
  • Educational workshops: November 23
  • Festival: November 24-25
  • Source: INIC