Posted: April 7, 2007

Commercial building with intelligent glasses

(Nanowerk News) A commercial building all made of glass, including the support beams, roof, walls, floor and even the furniture will be the biggest attraction on the next Fenavid (Glass and Aluminium Trade National Fair), that will happen in May 2 to 4, at the Red Pavillon, Expo Center Norte, São Paulo, Brazil.
"The idea is to show the glass applications in the civil construction and stimulate the use of this material in different projects", explains Eduardo Saraiva, the fair's director.
According to him, the building purpose is to approach the visitors of the news functions that the glass has accumulated with the market exigencies.
"At the beginning, the glass was used to filter the light and protect against incidents, but with the time and the advances of technology, it has gained many new functions and security applications, acoustic isolation, structures etc, and it has become something basic to the architecture and decoration projects", says Saraiva.
The building is an initiative of a group of enterprises (Polividros, Vidrecor, Atenuasom, Tempervale e Vitrais São Francisco). According to Polividros' president, Mr. Josť Miguel, this is the first time that a commercial building all made of glass will be exposed in a fair.
"At Fenavid we'll have a complete part, which includes the main hall, a shoot proof sentry box, roof, floor, lights and even a fountain all made of glass. The visitors can also find glasses with nanotechnology, anti-reflex and self cleaning", he explains.
Fenavid arrives in São Paulo after bringing tendencies and news to Recife (PE), Joinville (SC), Belo Horizonte (MG) and Florianópolis (SC). In this 6th edition, the fair presents the "Display of art in Glass", turned to architects and decorators, which will show beautiful works of art produced with the fusing technique (glass molded in high temperatures).
Source: Fenavid
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