Posted: April 9, 2007

Three nanotechnology grants awarded

(Nanowerk News) Here is an example of what kind of early stage nanotechnology research gets funded these days in regional efforts:
The Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center has awarded $551,750 to three companies in its first funding round.
The center, formed last year to promote the commercialization of nanotechnology, awarded $51,250 to NanoRDC LLC, which is developing and commercializing a chemical method to improve the function of carbon nanotudes used in rubber and plastic materials. Illuminex Corp. was awarded $300,000 for the commercialization of products for the next generation of heat pipes. And Plextronics Inc. was awarded $200,500 for its Plexcore PV technology for organic solar cells used to absorb light and create electricity.
The companies themselves also added cash and in-kind matches totaling $460,600.
A second round of funding will occur in the early summer of 2007. Full proposals will be due by June 15.
Source: Pittsburg Business Times
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