Posted: August 5, 2010

Roadmap published on 'Nanomaterials in Polymer Applications for the Transport Industry'

(Nanowerk News) Materials KTN, supported by industry and academia held a roadmapping event on the use of nanomaterials in the transport sector. The objective was to determine the gaps in participants knowledge and ability, with a view to possibly providing SPARK Awards to help companies become more competitive.
During the day presentations were given on the current activities in the field of nanomaterials for transport after which a roadmapping session was carried out. The roadmap has now been published along with the presentations from the workshop.
Download Roadmap and Presentations Only available to registered members of the 'Polymers Group' at the Materials KTN. To join the group please login, click the link above and then select the blue button, 'Join this group', which is situated in the top banner image. Those of you that are already members of the 'Polymers Group' will still need to be logged on to the system to download the roadmap.
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Source: Materials KTN