Posted: August 12, 2010

UAlbany NanoCollege's E2TAC and NENY announce winners of clean energy investment presentations

(Nanowerk News) The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering's ("CNSE") Energy and Environmental Technology Applications Center ("E2TAC") and New York New Energy ("NENY") today announced the winners of the Clean Energy Investment Presentations, along with the recipient of the CleanTech Entrepreneur of the Year Award, from the New Energy Symposium held in New York City on August 9 and 10.
The Clean Energy Investment Presentations featured the hottest emerging cleantech start-ups, who showcased their revolutionary technologies to an audience of regional and national venture capitalists, private investors, investment bankers, and federal executives. Winners were selected based on the highest amount of "investment" received from the judging panel, which was given a theoretical budget to disperse the funds to the technologies they thought were most promising.
Winning companies included:
· Algal Scientific Corp., which manufactures and operates water treatment systems that combine wastewater treatment with biofuel production using algal growth;
· Ener-G-Rotors, Inc., which develops novel technology capable of efficiently generating electricity from grade waste heat, reducing cost while increasing energy efficiency; and,
· Energy Materials Corp., which develops, manufactures, and sells high-efficiency photovoltaic polymer films for use in a wide variety of electric power generation applications, including large-scale power generation, residential and industrial uses both on and off grid, and building integrated (BIPV) applications.
Each company received a $1500 cash prize, as well as a chance to participate in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Industry Growth Forum in October.
In addition, CPower Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Michael Gordon was named as the first-ever recipient of the CleanTech Entrepreneur of the Year Award. A 24-year veteran of the energy industry, Gordon is responsible for identifying strategic alliances, building the firm's vision of how energy markets should be structured, and creating new products and services within these markets.
Source: CNSE