Posted: August 17, 2010

UC Irvine Extension offers two new certificate programs: Optical Engineering and Optical Instrument Design

(Nanowerk News) The University of California, Irvine Extension, the continuing education arm of UC Irvine, today announced the availability of two new certificate programs designed for engineering professionals: Optical Engineering and Optical Instrument Design. Both certificate programs are designed to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals who can conceptualize, design and manufacture optical and optomechanical components, systems and instruments. Available for the first time this Fall quarter, registration for courses begin now.
"An increasing amount of today's consumer, industrial and business products incorporate optical and optomechanical systems, which are becoming essential to virtually every industry including: defense, medical, clean energy, nanotechnology, automotive, electronics, communications, entertainment, computers and consumer products.," said Dr. Dave Dimas, director of UC Irvine Extension's engineering, sciences and information technology programs. "These two new certificate programs help engineering professionals obtain the expertise necessary for this expansive industry—from those aiming to refocus their career to those seeking to expand their capabilities and better serve current employers."
Amongst other benefits, students will gain: insights and practical skills for designing and engineering optical and optomechanical components and instruments; the latest technologies in optical engineering; skills with industry standard optical and mechanical software tools; innovative approaches for optical instrument design and analysis, skills in manual design, computer simulation and the art of creating optical systems; and how to understand and effectively communicate details of optical/optomechanical technical specifications to manufacturer's and quality control personnel.
Students will also learn the latest developments within optical and optomechanical systems, industry trends, employment opportunities and more. The Optical Engineering program provides the skills and experience to meet demand for engineers with a background in this specified field, while also providing benefits to entry and mid-level professionals seeking to broaden their knowledge and improve career options. The Optical Instrument Design program presents advanced study options for experienced optical engineering professionals, allowing them to address a wider range of optical and optomechanical design issues. In addition, the elective courses provide an opportunity for students to develop specialized skills related to their professional needs or personal interests.
A free information session webinar will also be offered on Sept. 1 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PDT for those interested in learning more about the certificate programs and topics. To register for the webinar, visit
For more information about the Optical Engineering and Optical Instrument Design courses, or to sign up online, please visit: or call 949-824-5414.
Source: UC Irvine