Posted: August 19, 2010

Imec makes significant contribution to the 2010 IEDM meeting

(Nanowerk News) A record number of 16 papers with imec authors has been accepted for this year's IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), being held Dec 6 – 8 in San Francisco. Both ITRS-related as well as More-than-Moore-related research papers have been accepted, rewarding imec's multidisciplinary R&D platform featuring two state-of-the-art R&D fabs.
With 11 papers on ITRS scaling topics, imec proves its leading position in this research domain. One of the highlights is a significant contribution to the fundamental understanding on the switching behavior and operation in advanced memory concepts (i.e. resistive RAM (RRAM) devices). This has been achieved by applying imec's longstanding expertise in logic MOS and high-k/metal gate reliability. It demonstrates the power of leveraging expertise from various domains in a flexible manner.
A 2nd highlight demonstrates imec's continued progress on 3D-TSV (through-silicon via) technology, which is at the forefront of new and enabling ITRS technologies. The paper reports important characterization data of a two-die stacked device combining TSV with high-k/metal gate devices. In addition, 5 More-than-Moore related topics will be presented at IEDM, covering GaN technology, Si high-voltage devices and MEMS technologies. One particular result is the realization of a high performance MEMS device together with one of our industrial core partners. Imec's MEMS R&D expertise was applied to provide an industry-relevant solution.
Imec is committed to continue to lead in R&D of 300mm ITRS process technologies, but is also expanding its value offering in More-than-Moore leveraging its 200mm platform.
Source: imec