Posted: August 24, 2010

FEI announces image contest winners

(Nanowerk News) On February 16, 2010, FEI invited owners and users of our instruments to submit their finest images for a chance to win two round-trip airline tickets to anywhere in the world. After six months and more than 250 images, FEI would like to congratulate Dr. Harald Plank of the Institute of Electron Microscopy, Austria, and Dr. Clifford Barnes of University of Ulster, United Kingdom for their prize-winning entries.
Grand Prize Winner – Most Popular Image
Spaghetti Junction
Spaghetti Junction
The sample was a piece of rat testes tissue which had been fixed in formalin before post fixation in osmium tetroxide. The image was captured in environmental scanning electron mode using the GSED detector. This allowed the imaging of the sample in a hydrated form without the need for dehydration and metallic coating. As less processing is involved it is expected that fewer artifacts are present and finer details preserved.
Grand Prize Winner – Technical Merit
Platinum Nanorods on Silicon
Platinum Nanorods on Silicon
The image shows an array of freestanding Pt nanorods on silicon fabricated by electron beam induced deposition from the gas phase The individual rods reveal a base diameter of about 80 nm and a height of 1 µm. The wavy appearance was actually an artifact but too nice to be ignored. Image was post-colorized by Margit Wallner (FELMI).
Source: FEI
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