Posted: August 25, 2010

Surgeons embed nanosensors during knee operation

(Nanowerk News) The first advanced sensor assisted knee surgery in the world has been performed at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Through collaboration with OrthoSensor, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, the new sensor technology is designed to improve patient recovery and overall implant function.
According to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Martin Roche, Chief of Orthopedic Robotics at Holy Cross Hospital and Surgical Director of The Orthopedic Institute at Holy Cross whose team performed the first sensor assisted knee surgery, the advanced sensors allow surgeons to obtain improved soft tissue balance and patient specific kinematics, which is good news for the 600,000 patients who undergo knee replacement surgery each year. "The most advanced intelligent knee surgery now incorporates computer assisted alignment, customized robotic implant positioning and optimized sensor assisted soft tissue balancing," said Dr. Roche.
The use of embedded nanosensors during minimally invasive surgery coupled with robotic technology allows the surgeon to customize the surgery for each individual patient's knee condition. The surgery is performed with the MAKO Surgical robot which gives surgeons precise control via the robot to sculpt the knee and replace only what is needed. Dr. Roche was consulted on the initial development of the MAKO RIO and was instrumental in bringing that technology to market. First introduced in 2006, the MAKO robot has been used in more than 300 knee surgeries at Holy Cross Hospital.
"At Holy Cross we are committed to bringing the most advanced technology to our patients to improve their surgical outcomes," said Dr. Roche. "With this new technology, we can customize the surgery to each patient and improve recovery times. As an example, through a small incision, we resurface the diseased portion of the knee while keeping the healthy bone and surrounding ligaments. With a customized implant in the joint, the knee can move smoothly again."
A pioneer in minimally invasive techniques for joint replacements, robotics and sensor applications, Dr. Roche also specializes in advanced cartilage regeneration for the knee. He is an international speaker and surgical instructor for joint replacements and advanced surgical techniques.
In recent years, Holy Cross Hospital has been ranked among the top two orthopedic centers in Florida according to U.S. News and World Report and performs the most joint replacement surgeries in South Florida.
Source: Holy Cross Hospital