Posted: Sep 13, 2010

EU-US cooperation on space micro- and nanotechnologies

(Nanowerk News) CANEUS International will be holding CANEUS 2010 Workshops as part of the International Week on Micro & Nano Technologies (MNT) for Space 2010. The event is being held at the ESTEC-ESA Centre in The Netherlands the 13-17 September 2010.
Based on the previous CANEUS 2009 Workshops, the event will bring together key civilian and defence decision makers from the US and Europe. Including the US European Command (EUCOM), European Defence Agency and NASA among others; the CANEUS Workshops aim to oversee the creation of international public/private partnerships within the space community by fostering a collaborative environment aimed at the adoption, adaptation, and commercialization of MNT.
With continuing globalisation, the CANEUS 2010 Workshops address current requirements needed to overcome the challenges associated with new capabilities offered by emerging micro and nanotechnologies in aerospace applications.
The CANEUS Workshops aims to:
  • Provide participants and potential team members with an interactive in-depth assessment of current aerospace end-user needs as well as state-of-the-art developments in MNT
  • Articulate well-defined technology infusion projects and create their implementation plans within each of the Sector Consortia through the leadership of Sector Consortia Directors and the active contributions of participants
  • Facilitate public and private partnership by addressing challenges to collaborative innovation: Issues to be discussed include Intellectual Property, Funding Mechanisms, Export Control, and other regulations affecting International Collaboration
  • Build upon the achievements of the previous CANEUS Workshops held in 2009 at NASA Ames.
  • In previous CANEUS Workshops, over 250 world experts participated in addressing the needs of the aerospace industry, state of the art in MNT, government and private investment for concepts-to-systems development, and policies such as ITAR and export control regulations that affect international collaborations.
    Source: CANEUS