Posted: Sep 30, 2010

Nanotechnology workshop and other bilateral cooperation berween NCKU and Argonne

(Nanowerk News) Mr. Norman Peterson, the Assistant to Director Eric Isaacs at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), U.S., accompanied by NCKU Dean of College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Yon-Hua Tzeng, former Dean of College of Engineering Wen-Teng Wu and Associate Vice-President for International Affairs Cheng-Hung Huang, has visited President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, on September 29th, hoping to expand bilateral cooperation on existing grounds.
Due to the sudden illness of Dr. Eric Isaacs, Mr. Norman Peterson visited NCKU President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai on behalf of him, and revealed, "NCKU and ANL have jointly signed Memorandum of Understanding last year in mid-October and together organized a workshop on nanotechnology this February, accumulating such fruitful achievements in only a year. This is very exciting."
Former Dean of NCKU College of Engineering Wen-Teng Wu expressed, "According to the academic ranking of research institutions conducted by Elsevier, the world's major publisher of science and medicine literature, in 2009, NCKU ranks the 19th worldwide in alternative energy research papers of distinctive competency, which is the only Taiwanese institution among the global top 25 list. NCKU's outstanding accomplishment in alternative energy research has contributed significantly to the development of this field. Also, to find alternative energy, develop renewable energy, reduce emissions of pollutants and commit to energy research, National Science Council, Executive Yuan, has established three EU FP National Point (NCP) offices in Taiwan, and one of them is situated at NCKU."
In response to the urgent issues of energy saving, alternate energy, renewable energy and pollutant emissions in the 21st century, Mr. Norman Peterson suggested, "In addition to the 2nd Taiwan-Argonne Workshop on Nano-Structured Materials, we can also organize a workshop on the field of energy for one or two days and invite a group of scientists from Argonne National Laboratory as well as experts from academic and research institutions in Taiwan to participate in the exchange and discussion of energy-related topics."
Mr. Norman Peterson also mentioned, "The government in Taiwan will fund 60 teachers and students from top local universities to study in prestigious universities in United States and colleges starting next year. A few days ago, the universities have signed a memorandum with University of California, Berkeley, and each university will select 5 professors, 5 doctoral students and 5 postdoctoral research fellows to study at the school. I hope that in the near future, NCKU can select professors, doctoral students and postdoctoral research fellows to come to ANL to participate in research."
Lastly, President Lai reminded Dean of College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Yon-Hua Tzeng and former Dean of College of Engineering Wen-Teng Wu to follow up on the post work of the conferences, so NCKU and ANL can expand cooperation on other fields and increase opportunities for faculty and student exchange.
Additional Information
NCKU and ANL have cooperated on the Nanodiamond for many years as ANL is the most prominent Nanodiamond research laboratory in United States. Both have established a Diamond Micro Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) Research Platform. NCKU, ANL, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan, and German industry are planning to build a RF Diamond Transistor, hoping to create a world-class Nano MEMS platform.
Source: National Cheng Kung University