Posted: Oct 14, 2010

FEI releases new, free guide to electron microscopy

(Nanowerk News) FEI Company, a leading instrumentation company providing electron microscope systems for applications across many industries, announces the availability of "An Introduction to Electron Microscopy" (free pdf download) an all-new edition of its well-known primer about electron and ion beam microscopy.
An Introduction to Electron Microscopy
The 40-page booklet is ideal for a student or business professional who would like a view into the world of nanotechnology. It contains a general overview of electron and ion beam microscopes, including the history, technology, terminology and applications of transmission electron, scanning electron, scanning transmission electron, focused ion beam and DualBeam™ systems. Image examples cover a variety of samples, such as pollen, semiconductors, steel, minerals, blood cells, viruses, and more.
About FEI
FEI is a leading diversified scientific instruments company. It is a premier provider of electron- and ion-beam microscopes and tools for nanoscale applications across many industries: industrial and academic materials research, life sciences, semiconductors, data storage, natural resources and more. With more than 60 years of technological innovation and leadership, FEI has set the performance standard in transmission electron microscopes (TEM), scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and DualBeams™, which combine a SEM with a focused ion beam (FIB). FEI's imaging systems provide 3D characterization, analysis and modification/prototyping with resolutions down to the sub-Ångström (one-tenth of a nanometer) level. FEI's NanoPorts in North America, Europe and Asia provide centers of technical excellence where its world-class community of customers and specialists collaborate. FEI has approximately 1800 employees and sales and service operations in more than 50 countries around the world.
Source: FEI