Posted: Oct 29, 2010

New online platform for doctoral positions and research opportunities in Germany

(Nanowerk News) PhDGermany - the platform for doctoral positions and research opportunities in Germany is the latest service offered by the DAAD and is aimed at attracting international doctoral candidates. The PhDGermany platform allows German universities and research institutes to advertise their doctorates free of charge, thus reaching an international audience. The platform is advertised around the world on the DAAD network and is aimed at qualified foreign graduates interested in studying for a doctorate in Germany.
International candidates can now search the PhDGermany database for open doctorate positions in German universities and research organisations. Then they can apply directly online using the DAAD portal. The application process is controlled to ensure that the submitted applications are complete.
The background to the project was, on the one hand, the internationally expressed requirement for a clearly laid out, English "doctorate database" - particularly for supervision offers that are not necessarily linked with financing.
On the other hand, PhDGermany is also a response to frequent complaints from universities that it is difficult to filter the "right" PhD applicant from a sometimes very large quantity of non-specific supervision queries received from abroad.
PhDGermany now meets the requirements of both sides, whilst also simplifying the process of making contact between international PhD applicants and German universities.
Source: DAAD