Posted: Nov 01, 2010

SOCMA Nanotechnology Coalition endorses NanoSafety Consortium for carbon

(Nanowerk News) The Nanotechnology Coalition, affiliated with the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA), is pleased to announce its support for the NanoSafety Consortium for Carbon (NCC) and the SOCMA Nanotechnology Coalition's new designation as a supporting institute/association under NCC's by-laws.
NCC is a consortium of 12 leading companies involved in the commercialization of carbon nanomaterials designed to address global regulatory, environment, health, and safety issues related to the responsible commercialization of their products. NCC has recently developed a six-tiered toxicity testing proposal for use on representative nanocarbon materials to satisfy emerging federal regulatory requirements. NCC recently presented its six-tiered proposal to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
John DiLoreto, Executive Director of SOCMA's Nanotechnology Coalition, expressed strong support for the consortium stating, "NCC is approaching these important environmental, health, and safety issues in a very proactive and hands-on manner which is consistent with the Nanotechnology Coalition's mission and purpose. We're excited about supporting NCC's efforts."
John Monica, NCC's counsel and a partner at the Porter Wright Morris & Arthur law firm Washington, D.C. commented that "SOCMA's Nanotechnology Coalition is doing a tremendous job of helping nanomaterial manufacturers responsibly address environmental, health, and safety. The SOCMA Nanotechnology Coalition is a premier organization and we are happy they see the value in what the member companies are trying to accomplish."
SOCMA's Nanotechnology Coalition represents companies of all sizes, including small and mid-sized entrepreneurial companies, engaged in the manufacture, use, or sale of nanoscale products. The Coalition focuses on environmental, safety, and health issues, standards and definitions in nanotechnology, coordination with other nanotechnology trade associations, advocacy organizations and business groups, as well as to act as an industry voice on nanotechnology policy. As a networking forum for its members, the Coalition facilitates information exchange, dissemination of regulatory and legislative updates, and sharing of the best practices for development of nanotechnology stewardship programs. SOCMA is the leading trade association, serving the specialty-batch and custom chemical industry since 1921. SOCMA's nearly 300 members employ more than 100,000 workers across the country and produce 50,000 products valued at $60 billion annually.
The NanoSafety Consortium for Carbon (NCC) is an industry-driven formed to proactively address potential environmental, health, safety (EHS), and regulatory concerns related to the commercialization of its members' nanoscale carbon products. NCC has enlisted top scientists to help achieve its goals in an open and transparent manner and to the highest scientific standards.
Source: SOCMA