NIMS and University College London agree cooperation on organic nanomaterials, computational materials science

(Nanowerk News) President Prof. Sukekatsu Ushioda signed a Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement (a sister institute agreement) with University College London, which was founded in 1826 as a radically different university, opened to people of all beliefs and social backgrounds.
UCL is one of the world's leading multidisciplinary universities, ranked fourth in the QS World University Rankings (2009 and 2010), with more than 4,000 academic and research staff for 6,200 graduate and 11,400 undergraduate students. UCL has produced 21 Nobel prize laureates besides strong connections with world-famous scientists like C. R. Darwin, A. Graham Bell and Sir A. J. Fleming.
Many Japanese studied at UCL even from the closing days of the Tokugawa regime such as statesman Hirobumi Itoh and novelist Sohseki Natsume.
This agreement will not only reinforce the existing collaboration between UCL and NIMS in the field of computational materials science, organic nanomaterials and photocatalytic materials, but also envisage new collaboration and exchange of researchers.
Source: NIMS