Posted: May 14, 2007

Recommendations for European nanotechnology transfer from lab to fab

(Nanowerk News) The industrial and commercial application of scientific research is a subject of intense debate in Europe. The motivation is clear: industrial competitiveness depends to a large extend on access to high technology. Scientific research in publicly funded laboratories is a potential source of new technologies. The problem of efficient technology transfer is a particularly important issue for nano science and technology because of its very rapid development in the past decade.
This report is the result of the two day workshop “Nano2Business” held at Warsaw University of Technology on February 7-8, 2007. The main focus of the discussions was on the best organisation for technology transfer incubators, technology transfer networks, and on identifying the main barriers to technology transfer. The issue of specific aspects of nanotechnology transfer was discussed.
The report gives recommendations for creating good technology transfer incubators, and examples of incubators, networks and technology commercialisation strategies. The nanotech-aspect of technology transfer is discussed. Attention is given also to barriers for nanotech and technology transfer in general with regards to the way research is organised and research organisations evaluated.
The report "Nano2BusinessWorkshop report 2007" is a free download from the Nanoforum website (free registration required).
Source: Nanoforum