NanoTrust documents now available in English

(Nanowerk News) The NanoTrust project of the Institute of Technology Assessment of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Technology and Innovation. The website sets out information on possible health and environmental risks and on societal aspects of nanotechnologies.
The dossiers are a brief summary of the most important information; even shorter answers are to be found in the section questions about nano (German only). The area bibliography provides access to the most pertinent documents, reports and articles. The structured link collection (German only) facilitates access to the most important pages on this topic in the Internet. NanoTrust also organises workshops.
From now on, a few NanoTrust dossiers are also available in English:
  • Nanoparticles and the Human Body (pdf)
  • Nanosilver (pdf)
  • What is Accompanying Research on Nanotechnology? (pdf)
  • Can nanoparticles end up in the brain? (pdf)
  • Nano-Textiles (pdf)
  • Voluntary approaches by industry in the field of nanomaterials (pdf)
  • EU Regulation (pdf)
  • Further dossiers will be added gradually.
    Source: NanoTrust