A comparative methodology for estimating the economic value of innovation in nanotechnologies

(Nanowerk News) Defra, the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, has published a five piece set of reports (free downloads) that describe a methodology for performing a comparative valuation of a nanotechnology against an incumbent technology.
The objective was to develop a robust methodology for estimating, in monetary terms, the benefits of current and emerging applications of nanotechnology.
The series of reports are entitled:
"A comparative methodology for estimating the economic value of innovation in nanotechnologies" (pdf download). This provides a comprehensive overview of the methodology, supporting evidence and some worked examples.
"A working guide for determining the value of nanotechnology innovation" (pdf download). This provides a simpler document designed for non-economists to make less rigorous calculation.
"A calculation spreadsheet for valuing nanotechnology" (xls spreadsheet download). This is a spreadsheet in MS Excel format that is designed to accompany the working guide.
"Methodology Case studies" (pdf download). Provides a series of case studies that use the methodology for valuing nano-enabled products relevant to Defra
"Nanotechnologies relevant to Defra" (pdf download). A short literature review to identify nanotechnologies that are relevant under Defra's remit.
Source: Defra
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