NanoKTN and School of Pharmacy discuss importance of nanotechnology in formulation and drug delivery

(Nanowerk News) The NanoKTN in the UK has announced it has partnered with the School of Pharmacy to host an event exploring the ways in which nanotechnology can help with the formulation and delivery of drugs. The conference on January 27, 2011 in London, will provide a forum for industry professionals to discuss and highlight best practise and to encourage collaborative working.
The biopharmaceutical industry is one sector guaranteed to see the benefits that nanotechnology has to offer, with the nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery market predicted to rise in value from $3.39bn to $26bn by 2012. Drug delivery systems that utilise nanotechnology are increasingly being adopted by industry as the drugs they are developing become more difficult to formulate. Issues such as solubility, labile moiety stability and transport across biological barriers can all be addressed by nanotechnology-based systems.
This event will look at where nanotechnology can help with the formulation and delivery of the drugs currently in development that would benefit from such improvements. With presentations from leading industry professionals, the event will look at where key technologies are yet to be established, with the aim to identify gaps in the market where UK companies can invest and become involved.
Dr Peter Luke, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, Worldwide Business Development at Pfizer will look at the current changes in pharmaceutical research and how the concept of Open Innovation is being far more widely accepted and acted upon. Peter's presentation will discuss recent trends in open innovation, using examples that demonstrate the scientific value that such collaborations bring to both the pharmaceutical and the academic communities.
There will also be an opportunity to discuss the next round of funding in nanotechnology for healthcare by the Technology Strategy Board.
Other speakers include Dr Bill Lindsay of The School of Pharmacy, University of London, Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu of The School of Pharmacy, University of London and Professor Stephen Hart of Genex BioSystems.
"The field of bionanotechnology is resolving some significant problems. It has enabled new formulations for drugs that are commercially available and there are a number of drugs and drug-delivery systems in the R&D pipeline and at the regulatory approval stage," comments Dr Mike Fisher, Theme Manager at the NanoKTN.
Fisher continues, "Nanotechnology has a lot to offer right now and events like this are crucial to ensure the UK is kept at the forefront of developing the next generation of products for drug formulation."
Source: nanoKTN