House of Lords report - One year on...

(Nanowerk News) Interest in Nanotechnology for the Food Industry has continued to be a focus throughout 2010, with the report from the UK's House of Lords Science and Technology Committee released in January stimulating much discussion.
This report has been followed by publications on improvement in ingredient functionality and health benefits from using nanotechnologies. The report from the House of Lords pointed out that there may well be benefits from the use of nanotechnology in foods and distinguished between persistent nanomaterials which might cause concern and those "natural" materials that are normally digested, such as typical food ingredients which are likely to be harmless. This is an important distinction for the industry and consumers as it should enable research into nanotechnology to advance with increased confidence.
The Event
The Food Focus Group of the NanoKTN together with Leatherhead Food Research and NanoCentral has arranged a series of workshops. This third workshop in the series – on January 19, 2011, in London, UK – will consider what has happened in the year since the publication of the House of Lords Report and also the other associated reports and their implications for the food and drink industry. Speakers will discuss their views on what has been done to address the issues raised by Lord Krebs and his colleagues. Also to be considered will be what still needs to be done to provide clear guidelines for the use of nanotechnology in product development to ensure its safe and acceptable use in the food industry by the consumer.
Confirmed speakers include:
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Food & Environment Research Agency
  • FP7 UK
  • Leatherhead Food Research
  • Which?
  • College Hill
  • Food and Drink Federation
  • eminate
  • Institute of Food Research
  • Registration
    A discounted rate of £150 +VAT will be charged to members of the NanoKTN**. A special rate is also available for members of Leatherhead Food Research/NanoWatch and NanoCentral of £250 +VAT. The standard cost is £300 +VAT.
    Organisations and individuals wishing to attend should email a completed registration form to: [email protected].
    Source: nanoKTN