Free white paper: Why and how to communicate your research

(Nanowerk News) Frank Burnett, Emeritus Professor of Science Communication at the University of the West of England, has written a concise 26 page Guide designed to help scientists, engineers and technologists develop effective, attention-grabbing ways of communicating what they do and why they do it to public audiences. It is part of the package he deliver as a Masterclass around the world, most recently in Belgium for the European Cooperation for Science and Technology, Bulgaria for the British Council and Saudi Arabia for Scitech.
This Guide, which is available as a free download (pdf), will help any expert think through the issues that arise when they want to talk about their work to non-experts either directly or through the mass media.
The major topics covered are how to:
  • play a role in building bridges between expert and non-expert communities, and why it is necessary.
  • devise the most effective ways of communicating your expertise to different audiences
  • interact with audiences effectively in informal settings
  • work with the media
  • Source: Frank Burnett Consultancy