Posted: May 22, 2007

Nanobiotech writing contest for young scientists

(Nanowerk News) Communicating scientific topics to the public is an important task for researchers. Although non-experts are eager to learn about new technical, medical, and biological developments, their curiosity is only seldom satisfied due to the very few available publications. Therefore, the Nano2Life network launched a scientific writing contest to increase the dissemination of knowledge and to make the public more aware of important nanobiotechnological issues.
Young scientists were asked to submit articles outlining their particular research area in a manner appealing to the general public. The winnersí articles deal with cutting-edge research subjects, such as: Stem Cell Research, Parkinson's disease, and Cells on Surfaces.
Nano2Life is the first European Network of Excellence in nanobiotechnology. Its objective is to make Europe a leader in nanobiotechnology by merging existing expertise and knowledge in the field of nanobiotechnology. Founded in 2004, Nano2Life integrates 23 major European organizations within the field of nanobiotechnology.
Source: Nano2Life
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