BioEnergy summit set: Innovative technologies for an energized future

(Nanowerk News) Harrisburg University of Science and Technology will host the BioEnergy Summit on March 15, 2011.
The theme for the event is Innovative Technologies for an Energized Future. The commercialization of technologies and processes used to produce bioenergy from a variety of biomass resources highlights this half-day program. The BioEnergy Summit will also explore innovative nanotechnologies for bioenergy production and technologies for producing energy from wastewater.
Keynote speaker is Dr. William Goldner of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). He will give an overview of the strategic thinking and programs USDA NIFA and other USDA agencies are using to address the sustainable production of biofuels, biopower, and biobased products. Dr. Goldner will provide some examples of how businesses may use these programs to take part in this important renewable energy sector. He will also discuss the need to include emerging technologies such as nanotechnology and waste water management in developing bioenergy and the need for a thoughtful integrated approach to grow bioenergy, water quality and availability management systems, and perhaps other emerging energy resources (e.g. natural gas) in Pennsylvania and the surrounding region without disrupting existing agricultural systems, natural resources, and rural communities.
Roundtable discussions will examine the business opportunities that can be cultivated, why sustainable energy solutions are as good for business as they are for the environment, and the importance of obtaining financial support to the commercialization process. Scientists, government officials, entrepreneurs and investors will discuss promising research, successful ventures, overcoming commercialization challenges and market-driven opportunities.
Sponsors of the BioEnergy Summit include OriginOil, the Lehigh Nanotechnology Network and Lehigh University. Cost is $35. For additional information, go online to or email [email protected] or call Dr. Leena Pattarkine at 717.901.5168.
Source: Harrisburg University of Science and Technology