Chemical Industries Association in UK launches Nanotechnologies Supply Chain Forum

(Nanowerk News) 2011 is set to be an important year for anybody with an interest in nanotechnology. In response to a busy timetable of political activity a partnership of organisations, including the Chemical Industries Association, are pleased to announce the launch of the Nanotechnologies Supply Chain Forum on 11 January 2011.
CIA Chief Executive Steve Elliott said "I am delighted to announce that our proposals for a Nanotechnologies Supply Chain Forum received such as positive response and that today we are able to launch the forum and open it up to all interested parties to join."
"Regulatory reviews and proposals expected in 2011 means the forum will be busy from day one in bringing the many stakeholders together to help policy makers establish the right regulatory framework for the successful and safe commercialisation of nanotechnologies in the UK"
In December the European Council asked the European Commission to evaluate the need to develop specific measures for nanomaterials by addressing risk assessment and management, information and monitoring, including the further development of a harmonised database for nanomaterials.
The Commission is expected to publish a Communication on the review of regulatory aspects of nanomaterials by December 2011. The Communication is expected to propose an uniform definition of 'nanomaterials' and may suggest an extension of the REACH Regulation. This legislative development could have a big impact throughout the supply chain.
Source: Chemical Industries Association