Posted: May 27, 2007

Nanotechnology investing - don't waste a nanosecond

(Nanowerk News) If you are looking to balance all the good news and the hype about nanotechnology stocks with a real sober and negative take then you should read today's Berko column in The Oklahoman. Titled "Don't waste nanosecond on Altair" it contains some pretty tough and strongly worded assessment of Altair Nanotechnologies and throws statements like these at you: "Nanotechnologies is a fancy name that excites millions of gullible simpletons who believe there's a Golconda behind every rinky-dink, small company in the nano-business."
Reading all these promising articles about nanotechnology stocks in broker reports and nanotechnology newsletters and contrasting them with articles and commentaries like Berko's, it is difficult for the small investor to find out what's going on. So when it comes to investing in nanotechnology stocks, investors will probably behave like they always have: the risk takers ( and maybe the "gullible simpletons") will hop onboard and the cautious will look for safer plays elsewhere.
Source: The Oklahoman
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