New OECD brochure highlights work on environment

(Nanowerk News) A new brochure "OECD Work on Environment" highlights the OECD work on Environment for 2011-2012, covering green growth, climate change, biodiversity, water, eco-innovation, chemical and bio-safety, resource efficiency.
OECD Work on Environment
Increasing environmental pressures, if left unchecked, could undermine our ability to deliver the prosperity that we hope for. Recovery from the crisis should not be an excuse for inaction, but an opportunity to re-think our economic model and to better equip our societies to tap into more sustainable, greener sources of growth.
When Economy and Finance Ministers met at the OECD in June 2009, they asked them to develop a Green Growth Strategy. By applying economic analysis to environmental policies and instruments, by looking at ways to spur eco-innovation and by addressing other aspects of the green economy such as production and consumption patterns, financing, taxation, governance and skills, the OECD can show the way to make a cleaner, low-carbon world compatible with the search for new sources of growth.
The Green Growth Strategy will also be a valuable input to our 50th Anniversary Ministerial Meeting in May 2011, to the Environmental Ministers' meeting at the OECD in April 2012, and to the Rio+20 Conference in 2012. And the Strategy could contribute to a win-win pillar in support of international climate negotiations.
One chapter of the new brochure deals with Safety of Chemicals, Pesticides, Biotechnology and Nanomaterials.
Source: OECD