Asylum Research offers AFM in Biology Class April 13-15, 2011

(Nanowerk News) Asylum Research, the technology leader in scanning probe/atomic force microscopy (AFM/SPM) announces its AFM in Biology Class to be held April 13-15, 2011 in Santa Barbara, California. The class is open to all Atomic Force Microscopy users that want to increase their knowledge of AFM in biology and life sciences. A high resolution imaging lab on the Cypher™ AFM, the world's highest resolution AFM, has recently been added to the curriculum. This world-renowned class, now in its lucky 13th session, combines lecture with hands-on sessions for personal instruction and interaction with the Asylum technical staff.
"We cover all the essential AFM topics that biologists need and want to learn about – from sample preparation to advanced imaging and force measurements," said Sophia Hohlbauch, Applications Scientist. "The breadth of AFM experience of our staff is unsurpassed – both our President and CEO participate and class attendees have access to all of our scientific staff. The class is fun, with a good mix of lecture and equipment time."
Commented student Fettah Kosar, Technical Manager, Materials Facilities Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS) Harvard University, "I recently attended the AFM in Biology Class with not much AFM experience and was skeptical about how much knowledge and experience I could gain in just three days. The class turned out to be way above my expectations. It was very well organized with classroom lectures balanced with hands-on exercises. There were never more than two students per microscope. The instructors were all experts in their fields and very approachable. The atmosphere at Asylum was relaxed and fun, making the class extremely enjoyable. Oh, I should also mention that they fed us really well!"
The three day course is held twice a year. Topics include sample prep, force measurements, and imaging on DNA, proteins, force measurements and mapping, lipids and imaging live cells. Hands-on labs will be done on the MFP-3D™ Stand Alone, MFP-3D-BIO™ and the Cypher AFM. Class size is limited.
Source: Asylum Research