NanoBioConnect: A new tool to accelerate commercialization of nanobiotechnology

(Nanowerk News) The Center of Innovation for Nanobiotechnology (COIN) today announced the launch of an information-rich, comprehensive nanobiotechnology information portal available to the public called NanoBioConnect. The objective of COIN's NanoBioConnect portal is to provide a trusted and valued compendium of nanobio- and nanomedicine-related business and technology intelligence, including information on relevant assets, resources, and people. The rich, quality content will facilitate partnering, transactions, and promote the commercialization of nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine products.
The opportunity represented by the myriad applications of nanobiotech in key life science and medical product sectors is significant. NanoBioConnect is a unique, searchable compendium of rich content and is a key element of COIN's progressive program and service offering, which is designed to accelerate innovation management, new product development, and commercialization in the area of nanobiotechnology.
The NanoBioConnect web-based portal presents consolidated, concise, and timely business intelligence and key information on nanobiotechnology to connect ideas with market needs. Content includes profiles of emerging and established platform technology or product companies, describing the technology, company structure, and near-term collaboration and partnership opportunities the company is pursuing. Profiles of universities detail the ongoing nanobiotech research interests of the various labs and centers, listings of specialized equipment and facilities, information about companies that have spun out of technology developed there, as well as the tech transfer point of contact. Service provider listings are also offered and represent a unique resource to identify and target key services from providers that have relevant expertise to help nanobiotech enterprises succeed and facilitate the translation of nanomedicine innovations through the clinic, scale up and introduction to the marketplace to benefit patients. To be profiled, a service provider must be dedicated to solving the unique challenges of nanobiotech research, development, and commercialization.
In the Reports section of NanoBioConnect, COIN provides valuable white papers, reports on the nanobiotech industry, such as the recently-released "Pulse of Nanobiotechnology in North Carolina," "Nanomedicine in Biotech and Pharma," and listings of nanobiotech intellectual property assets available for license resident in academic institutions. There is also a Job Candidate Pool section which is a focused resource for nanobiotech employers to identify candidates with relevant experience. There is no charge for candidates to participate or for employers to browse.
"The value of the NanoBioConnect database extends far beyond a directory. It is a powerful tool designed to drive open innovation, enabling those in nanobiotech research, development and commercialization to strike up a dialogue with thought leaders, establish key collaborations across industry and academia, and identify relevant assets and services to drive commercialization of innovation commercialization. The database will be updated on an ongoing basis, with additional profiles, listings, and features added as they are developed," said Brooks Adams, COIN's Executive Director.
COIN plans to continually grow NanoBioConnect. This initial launching principally provides coverage of the North Carolina nanobiotech hub. This will be rapidly expanded to include rich content on the US nanobiotech sector. COIN strives to keep this portal up-to-date. If you would like your company, academic center, or services included in the portal, please visit or contact Laura Faulconer, Director of Innovation Projects at COIN at [email protected]. COIN is also seeking partners to develop increased functionality that will drive tangible value for NanoBioConnect users.
About COIN
COIN is a nonprofit organization that accelerates commercialization of nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine to enable economic growth and improve human life. North Carolina is a leader in these fields and in related new product innovation and entrepreneurship. Established with funding from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, COIN represents a targeted state resource to encourage development of commercial applications of nanobiotechnology in key life science and medical product sectors. COIN provides a framework to boost the profile, funding, and management of the important work occurring in nanobiotechnology in the state, with the ultimate goal being commercialization. COIN's programs and services address key issues of its clients such as early-stage funding, preclinical testing, technology scouting, and industry partnering. For more information, visit
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