Carbon nanomaterials - nanomaterials for life sciences

(Nanowerk News) Nanomaterials - materials with dimensions below around 100 nm - exhibit unique physical and chemical properties drastically different from their bulk counterparts. The intricate relationship between nanostructure and functionality has opened up a whole new area of research where scientists world-wide aim at exploring, understanding and exploiting the potential of nanomaterials - at the nanoscale materials and living matter meet to form a close connection with immediate impact on biology, medicine and life sciences.
The exiting book series Nanomaterials for the Life Sciences, successor to the highly acclaimed series Nanotechnology for the Life Sciences, provides an in-depth overview of all nanomaterial types and their uses in the life sciences. Each volume is dedicated to a specific material class and covers fundamentals, synthesis and characterization strategies, structure-property relationships and biomedical applications. The new series brings nanomaterials to the life scientists and life science to the materials scientists so that synergies are seen and developed to the fullest.
Written by international experts of the various facets of this exciting field of research, the ten volumes of this single source of information comprehensively cover the complete range of nanomaterials for medical, biological and cybernetic applications.
Source: Wiley