Nanotechnology in food processing, packaging and safety

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology exhibits great potential for the food industry. This broad and practically oriented course – Nanotechnology in Food Processing, Packaging and Safety – on October 12-14, 2011, in Lund (Sweden), has therefore been put forward to meet the needs from industries to gain knowledge and understanding about current research going on in this expansive field. It deals with the current and coming applications of nanotechnology in the food industry. The aim is to provide participants with enough knowledge about nanotechnology in order to go on with their own ideas for new products and processes.
The course teachers are researchers from the departments of Food Technology, Physical Chemistry and Applied Biochemistry at Lund University and The Nanometer Structure Consortium - the Swedish centre for nanoscience and nanotechnology. Scientists from Lund University will lecture at the course, as well as experts from Wageningen University (NL), Unilever (NL), Alfa Laval (DK), Lonza (CH) and Innventia, a world leader in R&D in pulp, paper and packaging.
The course will provide the participants with a broad knowledge about nanotools for fabrication and analysis of nanostructures. How the size influences material properties and what is so unique with the properties of nanostructures. Participants will also learn about present and coming applications of new and functionalized materials, enough to explore further this exciting field and to go ahead with their own ideas about new products and processes.
For interested there is a possibility to add one extra day consisting of two blocks:
– A half-day visit to the Lund University Nanolaboratory where various techniques that were presented during the course will be demonstrated, and
– A half-day for individual discussions with scientists in chosen areas of interest.
Source: Lund University