NANOTEC partners with Thai Education Commission to include nanotechnology in curriculum

(Nanowerk News) After completing two collaborative training activities, both National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC) and Vocational Education Commission (VEC) decided to tie the knot by initiating a formal partnership agreement this afternoon at the Vocational Education Commission's office in Bangkok. Based on the signed MOU, both NANOTEC and Vocational Education Commission will continue to conduct series of activities such as faculty training, research project competition, and include nanotechnology information in the curriculum, all of which is to increase awareness and knowledge of nanotechnology for both faculty and students.
NANOTEC and Vocational Education Commission representatives sign MOU
"We see this initiation as a strategic partnership" said Prof. Sirirurg Songsivilai, Executive Director of NANOTEC. "The current vocational education system which focuses on hands-on technical teaching approach allow for easy adaptation of nanotechnology information in the lesson plans. We are glad to learn that the Commission will include nanotechnology in the vocational college curriculum. This is a big step forward to increasing public awareness of nanotechnology development".
"Nanotechnology is the technology of the 21st century. As a governing body overseeing the vocational education administration it is the duty of the administration to see to it that both faculty and students are up to par on knowledge of nanotechnology development" said Mr. Phansak Rojanakat, Deputy Permanent Secretary." After all, we are preparing our students to meet the needs of the labour market which plays a major role in national development, this is a major task. As a starter, we will include nanotechnology courses in five technical college curriculum and we will look at how to incorporate nanotechnology in the annual Science Show event."
Currently 415 technical colleges are governed by the Vocational Education Commission (VEC), of the Ministry of Education with more than a million students following the programs. Additionally, approximately 380,000 students were studying in 401 private vocational schools and colleges. There is a plan to bring the private vocational schools and colleges under the administration of VEC. NANOTEC on the other hand already have in place a pool of over 70 nanotechnology trainers under the Train the trainers on nanotechnology (TTN). These trainers will play a major role in the various training activities under the MOU.