BAE Systems keynote speaker at aerospace micro- and nanosensor technologies event

(Nanowerk News) The NanoKTN is pleased to announce details of a unique one-day event, hosted in partnership with CEMMNT, to look at the challenges facing the development of integrated, sensor technologies for the aerospace industry. The event, entitled 'Aerospace Sensor Technologies; Ensuring Nanoscale Manufacturing Integrity', will see presentations from key players in the industry including BAE Systems, Southside Thermal Sciences Ltd and Coventor.
The UK has the largest aerospace industry outside of the USA, with an annual turnover of £22bn and a supply chain supporting in excess of 276,000 jobs. Micro and nanoscale sensor technologies are providing the aerospace industry with opportunities to benefit from applications with improved properties, tailored to meet its future commercial, legislative and safety challenges.
Already sensor technologies provide a number of successful applications. Thermal Barrier Coatings allow turbines to perform safely and reliably at higher, more fuel efficient temperatures, increasing turbine efficiency, lowering gaseous emissions and improving safety standards. Nanowire sensors sensitive to small changes in electro-chemical potential provide increased safety and security measures, as they enable the early detection of gases from explosives and biological, chemical toxins.
Highlighting current applications and the challenges faced by their development is crucial to the commercialisation and adoption of new technologies. With so many emerging technologies and applications, the NanoKTN and CEMMNT believe it is crucial to provide a platform for discussion. The event will bring together manufacturers from within the aerospace supply chain and will see presentations covering key issues.
Dr Ian Sturland, BAE Systems will look at the applications of micro and nano technologies in the defence industry. The features of MEMS devices will be described and some of the challenges in finding commercial routes for exploiting MEMS technology will be discussed. Advantages of MEMS in areas including aerodynamic control, optical and RF systems and health monitoring will be looked at and Sturland will analyse how BAE Systems has filled this niche by recognising the system-level advantage of MEMS devices. BAE Systems manufacturing capabilities will also be discussed with examples covering IR testing, inertial, RF and corrosion sensor health monitoring.
Dr Joerg Feist, will highlight the new sensor technology being developed by Southside Thermal Sciences (STS), namely the Thermal Barrier Sensor Coating which will help improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs by accurately measuring temperatures and predicting the service of components. Feist's presentation will briefly introduce phosphorescence technology and will review the application on a Rolls-Royce VIPER engine.
Other speakers include Ametek Taylor Hobson Ltd, Qudos Technology Ltd, Alicona UK Ltd, Ultra Electronics Electrics, Coventor and the Precision Manufacturing Centre, University of Nottingham.
"Technology transfer and the dissemination of information plays a crucial role in the development of new technologies in the micro and nanotechnology space and by hosting this event, the NanoKTN and CEMMNT aim to raise awareness of the benefits sensor technologies offer to the aerospace industry," explains Alec Reader, Director at the NanoKTN.
Source: nanoKTN