2nd International Workshop NAnoPorous Materials for ENvironmental and ENergy Applications NAPEN 2011

(Nanowerk News) The "2nd International Workshop NAnoPorous Materials for ENvironmental and ENergy Applications NAPEN 2011" will be organized in Rhodes, Greece starting on Thursday June 9th to Saturday June 11th, 2011.
Following the format of the 1st International Workshop NAPEN 2008 which was organized in Chania, Crete by a "cluster" of three European Networks of Excellence, namely the Network of Excellence IDECAT on catalysis, the NANOMEMBRO on membranes and the INSIDE-PORES on nanoporous materials characterization. NAPEN 2011 will focus on the development of novel nanoporous materials and the establishment of cost effective energy and environmental applications.
During the last thirty years we have had a dramatic increase in the field of porous materials with the development of increasing numbers of novel materials. The aim of NAPEN 2011 is to provide a forum for the presentation of the developments of innovative membranes, sorbents and catalysts (catalytic membranes with tailored structure, high permeability carbon nanotube membranes, etc) which in turn will lead to the development of innovative and cost efficient gas to liquid, hydrogen production, carbon dioxide capture and conversion, alkane/alkene separation, methane conversion, hydrogen storage and other significant energy processes. The complete characterisation of the complex nanostructure and the development of novel methodologies for monitoring and controlling the evolution of the nanoporous structure during the synthesis and the applications of the nanoporous materials in one of the main focusing points of the workshop.
In order to increase the effectiveness of the training course the tutorial book entitled "Nanoporous materials, Advanced techniques for Characterization, Modeling and Processing" published by CRC press will be used, the lectures corresponding to its chapters will be available in the internet. In addition, for the first part of the workshop on "Chemical kinetics for the design of nanoporous materials", which will be organized by the FP7 project OCMOL, notes will be provided.
1st International NAPEN 2011 Conference
The 1st International Workshop NAnoPorous Materials for ENvironmental and ENergy Applications NAPEN 2011 conference will be organized in Rhodes, starting on Sunday June 12th to Monday June 13th, 2011.
The aim of the NAnoPorous Materials for the ENvironmental and ENergy Applications (NAPEN) Conference 2011 is to enhance the dissemination of the knowledge produced by a "cluster" of FP7 research projects focusing on environmental and energy applications of nanoporous materials, namely natural gas conversion, carbon dioxide capture and conversion, solar energy, waste water treatment and desalination, etc.and to tackle the European problem of failing to convert scientific excellence into wealth-generating innovations. The NAPEN conference aspires to provide the industrial participants with an overview of the recent advances in the field of nanoporous materials by the ongoing FP7 projects. At the same time the NAPEN conference will try to facilitate the establishment of active alliances between innovative enterprises and prominent research groups and provide a matching between the academic competences and the industrial needs of the participants; and the final goal would be to enhance the setting-up new research consortia, high-tech and research-based companies and Intellectual Property portfolios.
Source: Napen