European Commission releases the second edition of the Compendium NanoSafety Cluster 2011

(Nanowerk News) The European Commission has released the second edition of the Compendium NanoSafety Cluster 2011.
The intention of the compendium is to bring together researchers, create synergy in their work, and establish links and communication between them mainly during the actual research phase before publication of results. Towards this purpose the authors find useful to give emphasis to communication of projects strategic aims, extensive coverage of specific work objectives and of methods used in research, strengthening human capacities and laboratories infrastructure, supporting collaboration for common goals and joint elaboration of future plans, without compromising scientific publication potential or IP Rights.
Mindful of the safety aspects of these emerging technologies, the European Commission has actively promoted and supported, and continues to do so, research and development as well as innovation in this area. Ensuring the safe development of nanotechnologies, through a sound understanding of their potential impact on health or on the environment, and through the development of tools for risk assessment and risk management, is key factor to fully harvest the benefits from their deployment.
For several years now, the research community has responded by launching very valuable projects, marking significant technological progress both in the technology and in its safety management. Thirty projects are either completed or running and represent a total RTD investment of 112M€, from the NMP and other programmes, under FP6 (11 projects, 30M€) and FP7 (25 projects, 82M€). These projects together with a significant number of projects supported by government resources in the EU member states and the FP7 associated states, and other projects addressing safety as side objective, represent the valuable efforts of the scientific and industrial research community for progress.
Synergy among these projects, collaboration for maximising impact, policy elaboration, planning of future actions, and international cooperation are the main aims of the NANOSAFETY cluster, a projects and stakeholders open forum.
Source: NanoImpactNet