Nanotechnology and nanomaterials commercialization in the automotive industry

(Nanowerk News) The folks at Future Markets, Inc., a technology consultancy firm, present the second in a new series of commercialization charts on nanotechnology and nanomaterials.
The charts offer a succinct picture of the level of commercialization for nanotechnoogy and nanomaterials, by application and industry.
The second chart in the series covers the Automotive industry.
Demand for nanomaterials in the aerospace sector
Part of a chart on nanotechnology applications in the automotive industry: Demand for nanomaterials.
Automotive companies are using nanotechnology and nanomaterials to improve the performance of automobiles, to meet both consumer needs and regulatory requirements. Nanomaterials are leading to enhancements in the structural, electrical, thermal, optical, magnetic and catalytic capabilities of technologies developed for the automotive industry and offer high performance, but environmentally friendly, alternatives to toxic and/or expensive materials.
A new chart will be published every two weeks.
Source: Future Markets