ICE Publishing launches new flagship journal collection: ICE Science

(Nanowerk News) ICE Publishing, the publishing division of the Institution of Civil Engineers, today announces the launch of a major new flagship journal series: ICE Science. By publishing at the intersection of many scientific disciplines this new series aims to inspire the cross-fertilization of ideas and drive forward knowledge in the areas of materials science, biomaterials, nanotechnology and energy.
The collection aims to deliver a truly holistic overview of each area, bringing together communities that traditionally work in silos to ensure important discoveries and applications are accessible to all those in the field: inspiring fresh thinking in how breakthrough research can be practically applied to make energy, materials and medicines ever more efficient and effective.
"We're excited to be launching this ground-breaking series" said Victoria Rae, Commissioning Editor at ICE Publishing. "At the ICE we have enormous experience of publishing journals in the field of civil engineering, but increasingly science crosses discipline boundaries. It is at the interface of traditional subject areas that we believe the next round of major breakthroughs will come and we're looking forward to bringing these new findings to the attention of the scientific community through the ICE Science journals."
ICE Science will launch with three full-colour, bimonthly journals and is offering free online access to all published content throughout 2011 and 2012, providing researchers with the opportunity to be widely read and cited. Authors can now submit articles to the journal editors.
Nanomaterials and Energy will be the first journal to be launched in the ICE Science collection, in January 2012. Led by editor-in-chief, Professor Nitin Chopra, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA, the journal will bring together research from scientists and engineers working at the juncture of nanomaterials and energy, helping identify new and ever more efficient energy sources with a cost-benefit focus.
Emerging Materials Research launches in February 2012 and brings new vision and insight to the field of materials science. Materials Research is constantly evolving and correlations between process, structure, properties and performance which are application specific require expert understanding at the macro-, micro- and nano-scale. Through this new journal, editor-in-chief, Professor N. M Ravindra, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA, invites researchers across science and engineering to identify revolutionary and diverse applications for new and evolving materials.
Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials brings together ideas from the most promising area of research within the field of biological materials science and engineering. The technological significance of this area is immense for applications as diverse as tissue engineering and drug delivery biosystems to biomimicked sensors and optical devices. This third journal, in the ICE Science collection, also launches in February 2012 and its Editor-in-chief is Professor Kajal Mallick, School of Engineering, University of Warwick, UK.
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