NANOCHANNELS: Engaging and debating nanotechnology on media channels to European citizens

(Nanowerk News) NANOCHANNELS aims at informing and engaging the European public on nanotechnology issues through different media channels and events.
NANOCHANNELS is a joint initiative to design and undertake a programme of communication, dialogue and engagement in issues of nanotechnology (NT) aimed at European citizens, which:
  • informs and communicates with stakeholders and the European lay public using a mix of media, web, and live channels about innovations and controversial issues associated with nanotechnologies;
  • facilitates and encourages stakeholders and the public to participate in dialogues and debates concerning innovations, applications, risks and ethical, legal and societal aspects of NT;
  • brings the European public a step further towards the negotiation of a responsible consensus and building social trust concerning NT issues.
  • Achieving these objectives enables the partners to deliver sound recommendations to the European Commission concerning governance and best practice for communication of NT issues within the EU.
    The project is targeting the general public, with a special focus on stakeholders and young people. NANOCHANNELS takes place in at least six EU Member States and Associated Countries, in order to encompass the optimal geographic coverage.
    NANOCHANNELS has assembled a strong Consortium with partners experienced in mass media, educational methodology and science communication, as well as organisations highly suited to and experienced in arranging outreach and communication activities for the public and schools.
    Source: Scientix