An invitation to the 3rd ICPC Nanonet Annual Workshop in St Petersburg

(Nanowerk News) The ICPC Nanonet Project invites you to take part in person or online in the 3rd ICPC Nanonet Annual Workshop to be held on may 24-25, 2011 at the St Petersburg Hotel on the beautiful Neva River in the stunning 'cultural capital' of modern Russia.
Organised by St Petersburg Electrotechnical University and coinciding with their 125th Anniversary celebrations, this workshop focuses on Nanotechnology for Biomedical and Ecological Applications and will bring together experts and stakeholders from the EU and each of the eight regions of the International Cooperation Partnership Countries: Africa, Caribbean, Pacific, Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Latin America, Mediterranean Partner Countries, Western Balkan Countries.
With bespoke presentations by experts in their field, the workshop will give you the opportunity to:
  • Discuss your views with distinguished guest speakers
  • Discuss potential collaborations with researchers and organisations in similar fields
  • Discuss your views with distinguished guest speakers from the EU and ICPC
  • Disseminate posters, brochures, and other material on ongoing nano-activities
  • Join delegates from the ICPC NanoNet partnership
  • Engage in networking and group discussion activities
  • Participate in person or online: Registration is now open for the interactive webcast of the workshop.
    Orders are being taken for the free limited edition DVD of the proceedings at
    For more information, contact Lesley Tobin, Institute of Nanotechnology (UK) ([email protected])
    Source: ICPC Nanonet