Posted: June 25, 2007

Watch cutting-edge nanotechnology research as it happens

(Nanowerk News) Ever been curious about how a real science project operates? What it's like working in a research lab? What happens when unexpected things happen? Ever wanted to get involved in cutting-edge nanotechnology research, meet the scientists, and be there when the latest discoveries are made?
With nano2hybrids, for the first time this is possible.
Over the coming 3 years, the key scientists involved in this European research project will be making video diaries and posting them on this web site, along with blogs of their work and lives. Watch the introductory video:
Join in the discussion via feedback through the website - follow the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs, the new discoveries and the dead ends - in short, find out what doing science research is really like!
The project itself is about controlling the interfacial (structural and chemical) defects that control the deposition and growth of metal nanoclusters deposited on CNTs (nano2hybrids) by using a plasma treatment.
By combining synthesis, characterization, theoretical modelling, practical testing and industrial applications with feedback to synthesis for optimization of the nano2hybrids materials – the project will develop three different schemes, using plasma treatments at different (laboratory and industrial) scales, that will allow control of the chemistry, structure, diffusion and energetics at interfaces comprising metal nanoclusters and (modified) carbon nanotubes.
Source: nano2hybrids