Consultation: Green Paper on a Common Strategic Framework for future EU research and innovation funding

(Nanowerk News) On 9th February 2011, the European Commission presented a Green Paper which proposes major changes to EU research and innovation funding to make participation easier, increase scientific and economic impact and provide better value for money. The changes, to be introduced in the next EU budget after 2013, would bring together the current Framework Programme for research, the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.
The Commission is seeking the views of all interested individuals and organisations on these proposed changes and on the specific questions set out in the Green Paper. The deadline for contributions is Friday 20 May 2011. In parallel, a competition for the name of the Common Strategic Framework is being organised. Latest blog post
How could the EU programmes support public procurement of research and innovation?
There are a number of ways to contribute through the EU Research & Innovation website:
  • An online questionnaire based on the Green Paper, in particular for interested individuals, companies, research institutes and citizens. The questionnaire has been designed to be quick to complete, and it is not necessary to answer all questions.
  • Submission of written responses, in particular for associations and large organisations that wish to provide in-depth views. Such responses will be published on this site immediately following their submission. Written responses should follow the structure and questions set out in the Green Paper. It is not necessary to respond to all questions, and additional ideas are welcome.
  • An interactive blog, where various questions and topics from the Green Paper and from responses received, will be posted on a regular basis for open comment, debate and ideas.
  • Events, which are being organised by countries and organisations during the consultation period. The Commission plans to host a major event after the close of the consultation to bring together and discuss the main outcomes.
  • The responses received will be analysed carefully be the Commission services. They will be used to design the proposals, to be presented by the Commission by the end of 2011, for a legislative decision of the Council and Parliament on the Common Strategic Framework.
    Source: European Commission