Posted: June 26, 2007

New survey on nanotechnology measurement tools and standards

(Nanowerk News) Nanostrand is a new foresighting project funded by the European Commission. The project's goal is to roadmap future European standardisation activities for nanotechnology which relate to pre-normative research work in order to support European organisations to play an active role in worldwide development of nanotechnology standards. It will achieve this by identifying
• Barriers to development of nanotechnologies
• Needs for new measurement tools, technologies and standards which will support nanotechnology development
• Priorities for development of nanotechnology measurement tools
• Priorities for pre-normative research
Key outputs of the Nanostrand project will be roadmaps which define nanometrology research and standardisation priorities. These will be developed through wide consultation with nanotechnology experts and practitioners in industry, academia and the public sector.
Nanostrand's survey of needs for nanometrology and standards is now available online on their website.
Source: Nanostrand