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25th Anniversary Conference Celebration & Reunion Weekend

Google HQ in Mountain View, CA

June 25-26, 2011

Join friends old and new this summer at Google's Mountain View headquarters in Silicon Valley as the Foresight Institute explores the future of nanotechnology with a rockstar lineup of nanotech experts and entrepreneurs.
Want to understand the science behind the dream? Find out why Sir Fraser Stoddart's successful development of molecular switches and motor-molecules merited him a knighthood. Talk molecular robotics with Ari Requicha, or molecular computation with quantum theorist William A Goddard, III. See single atoms with microscopist Andrew Bleloch, hear how Feynman Prize-winner Christian Schafmeister builds macromolecules, and find out how rising star Matt Francis is shaking up the world of synthetic biology.
Want innovative entrepreneurial applications? Hear word from the nanostartup trenches with Halcyon Molecular founder William Andregg and "Mad Scientist" One-Nano CEO Rob Meagley. Find out about new nanotech initiatives from IBM's decade-long, worldwide Director of Physical Sciences, Thomas Theis. Learn the practical impact of nanotech innovation in a forecast from futurist expert Paul Saffo, or the problems of financing them with Founders Fund partner and Paypal founder Luke Nosek. And if that's not enough, Foresight is proud to announce the Keynote:
James R. Von Ehr is pioneering Founder and President of Zyvex, the world's first molecular nanotechnology company, whose signature products have been named in the Forbes Top 5; notable partnerships include Lockheed Martin, DARPA, and NIST.
In addition to inspiring talks by innovative luminaries, the weekend celebration also includes a no-host informal reception Friday night at the official hotel and an exclusive 25th Anniversary Banquet on Saturday night.
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