EUREKA, launches E!NNOVEST: an online 'search and match' virtual tool for investors and innovators

(Nanowerk News) EUREKA, the leading European network for industrial R&D and innovation today officially launched ∑!NNOVEST, a new tool for investors and innovators.
The first pan-European EUREKA investment platform is being launched today in Jerusalem at the Annual High-Tech Association Conference. EUREKA – the pan-European network for market-oriented, industrial R&D and innovation, supported by 40 member states and mobilising more than 1.5 billion euros annually to invest in R&D projects – today announced the launch of "∑!NNOVEST", its new search & match web tool for investors and companies. This web-based instrument allows investors to identify highly-qualified and pre-screened companies from the EUREKA portfolio of innovative technology-based SMEs and start-ups.
'We initiated ∑!NNOVEST as a new EUREKA instrument in order to leverage one of EUREKA's main assets – its incredibly rich reservoir of innovative companies from all over Europe. With ∑!NNOVEST EUREKA can become a true deal-flow generator,' said Israel Shamay – Head of the Israeli EUREKA Chairmanship and Executive Director for European Programs at MATIMOP – the Israeli Industry Center for R&D.
'∑!NNOVEST is one of EUREKA's priorities this year under the Israeli EUREKA Chairmanship, and serves as part of EUREKA's efforts to develop new sources for funding innovation in Europe. Public funding schemes support primarily the preliminary R&D stages of a company, which in many cases fail to complete the process of introducing a product to the market. Injecting private financing is needed to address this market failure,' explains Shamay.
Source: Eureka