Nanoscale Effects in Tribology (NET 2011) Meeting - Last call for papers

(Nanowerk News) There are currently many exciting new developments occurring in tribological materials, which depend on processes occurring at the nanoscale.
The invention of new nanostructured materials with designed tribological performance, and enhanced nanoscale understanding of 'old' tribological materials, are being facilitated by many new technologies becoming available to analyze friction, lubrication and wear.
This meeting will address the advances occurring in nanoscale tribology, providing attendees the opportunity to network, and discuss trends and future developments.
We hope you will be able to attend and present your work at this NET 2011 meeting. Attendees will have the opportunity to network, and discuss trends and future developments in the nanotribology area.
Registration is open until Friday, 10th June 2011.
Register online, and obtain further details and programme updates at
Submission of abstracts
Poster contributions to NET 2011 are still being accepted. Please submit an abstract, title and author list (up to 300 words) to [email protected]
Mappin Hall is located within the Sir Frederick Mappin Building, Faculty of Engineering, Mappin Street, The University of Sheffield, U.K. S1 3JD
Meeting Programme
The meeting will commence at 10.00 am (coffee), with oral presentations from 10.30 am.
Presentations at NET 2011 will include:
  • Max Groenendijk, Lightmotif B.V., Holland: Engineered surfaces machined by ultrashort pulsed lasers and their applications
  • Fabrice Dassenoy, Lyon, France: Tribological Properties and Lubrication Mechanisms of Nanoparticles
  • Allan Matthews, A Leyland, Sheffield University: Optimising tribocontact performance using nanocomposite coatings
  • MS Bobji, Indian Institute of Science: In-situ analysis of wear particles and nanocontacts
  • Hidetsugu Tanaka, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Japan: Lubricant impact on ~1nm head/disk interface spacing of Hard disk drives
  • John Walker, NCATS, University of Southampton: Fe nano-particle coatings for enhanced running-in wear resistance
  • Aiden Lockwood, NanoLAB, Sheffield University: Dynamical mechanics and tribology of liquid nanodroplets
  • Beverley Inkson, NanoLAB, Sheffield University: Dynamical nanotribology of amorphous carbon
  • Ardian Morina, Anne Neville, iETSI, University of Leeds: Lubricant tribofilm nanostructure and its effect on macroscale friction and wear performance
  • Ben Beake, Micro Materials Ltd, UK: Innovative high temperature nanoindentation and microtribology to 750°C
  • Source: Sheffield NanoLab